Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Here’s the thing: hospitality has been around for a long time. After all, it’s a profitable way of exchange and understanding between one another. It is an offering and a dance of sorts, crumbled into it’s sometimes euphoric busy moments.

There’s some kind of passion to serve one another. There is an ebb and flow, the laws of attraction, distractions, lots of communication, task execution, and food; of course. Every restaurant has a unique experience and a structure of its own.

There are many interactions which require patience, and other times it may not even seem like work. The hospitality industry is a challenging way to gain a respect for others and to treat everyone, young or old, with the same respect.

Here are a few key points to remember while service is happening:

  1. People are either having first impressions or are return customers
  2. The entry should always be clean and feel welcoming.
  3. Stations should be appropriately stocked.
  4. Staff Drinks should not be in the open, unless it is drank from an AVO glass.
  5. Nobody is allowed to eat in the view of the customer.
  6. Chewing Gum is permitted.
  7. Check Guest Water Levels.
  8. Greet Guests Promptly.
  9. Be Nice to Everyone.
  10. Treat Everyone Equally.
  11. Serve Food on the Left, Take Food on the Right
  12. Serve Drinks on the Right, Take Drinks from the Right
  13. Don’t take things too seriously.
  14. Be really good at your job.
  15. Practice empathy, but do not become a therapist.
  16. It’s not about you, it’s about the exchange.
  17. Hands in, Hands out rule.
  18. Ask if the guests need anything when placing entrees.
  19. When a guest’s alcoholic beverage is 1/3 full, ask if they would like another.
  20. If a guest asks for something special, make sure that they know the price of each item they want before it is given to them.
  21. If a guest is difficult to understand, practice patience.
  22. If you are out of an item, the key is to apologize even if it isn’t your fault.
  23. Yes ma’am and No ma’am is appreciated by all. Yeah and Sure sound sloppy.
  24. When everyone at the table is almost done with their entreĆ©, ask them if they’d like to see a dessert menu. If they say no, then ask how they would like their bill split.
  25. If a guest is dining quickly, swiftly take care of them by taking their order, offering a togo box, and asking if it’s okay to bring the bill early.